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May Blogger Spotlight

Hello again I’m back! I had to take two weeks off from Little Bliss Book to refocus my attention due to a packed filming and work schedule and projects I’ve been working on, but not a day would go by that I would not think about writing or connecting with you all. Over the past…

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Fail & Success

Gluten-free baking from scratch is a beast of it’s own, one that I’ve been avoiding for the longest time. Many attempt, but few succeed. I finally took up the challenge this weekend to make a gluten-free carrot cake, and just for fun I thought it’d be a good idea to try making it vegan as…


The Charged Life

Be bold and welcome any risk life has to offer openly. Remember, fear is nothing more than a growth spurt; that eager itch yearning for change. So take a new course, see where it takes you, remember this and hold onto that belief for when you play it too safe.

spring allergy remedies

Spring Allergy Remedies

Every spring I swear my allergies will be the death of me and by the end of it I’m wishing there was something that could just put me out of my misery. I’ve probably tried almost every over-the-counter and prescribed treatment there is over the years, and most only worked temporarily, but that’s probably because I’m a…

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April Blogger Spotlight!

It’s that time again to feature another great blogger! The featured blogger will be featured in the sidebar for the month and also get a shout out on the Little Bliss Book Facebook page. You can submit your blog yourself or nominate someone. Here’s how it works… The rules are simple: 1) Are we friends?…